high school musical 2!

so i finally got my act together and watched the sequel to the beloved flick...
and it was totally cheesy and so wonderful! i was getting pretty mad at troy, but i'm glad he got his act together (only after an amazingly emo song). i seriously started getting a little teary when they had their little break up song. i also absolutely love that they finally kissed!

how fun would that be to act with your real boyfriend??? i love that they're dating in real life! they're such cute little poptarts. i decided with my roommates that my wedding will be a musical--so i can dance and sing with my lover, and it'll be magical. okay, maybe not, but that would be pretty stellar! and it would get tons of people to come out of curiosity!

oh and a side note--good thing ashley tisdale got her little nose job. it looks tons better now.

well can't wait until number 3!! its debut is october 28....

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