Life lessons from the Hubble #1

[this is called a nebula, and it is a star FORMING!! --real picture from the hubble telescope]

we have this lovely little place here in salt lake called the clark planetarium. let me tell you, i have fond memories of this place (some mind-blowing dates with incredible boys, cousin date with my two little girl cousins, college trips to get out of provo, etc.), but that's beside the point. recently, they had an IMAX 3-D movie (yes, both!) about the Hubble Telescope. narrated by leonardo dicaprio (i mean that should be reason alone to watch it!), the short flick covered the history of the hubble, how it almost died and went out of existence, a few repair missions, but the centered around the latest repair mission in april of this last year, and the incredible things this telescope has been able to do for us.

now, i may or may not have gone to watch this movie three times total, and may have cried two out of the three because: a) what a magnificent universe we live in, b) technology is amazing, c) God is amazing. i learned more in the brief 45 minutes of the flick than i have in a long time, and have a zillion life lessons to share with you from it!

when the movie is ending, leo says,

"it has been said that in discovering the moon, we discovered our earth."

he went on to talk about how we're always searching for other bigger and better things. we as humans want to explore things we have not explored yet, discover something that we've never seen before. yet, after all of this searching, discovering, and knowledge that we've gained through the hubble, we have yet to discover a place that loves us and protects us as perfectly as our earth does. perfect climate. perfect ozone layer. perfect balance of elements. coincidence? you tell me.

this led me to think about my life, though. maybe i'm on the search for a better job, better house, better climate to live in (the snow/cold kills me), better people to date, etc. when in reality, maybe it's all right under my nose? maybe i just need to appreciate the things that i have in the moment that i have them. maybe i need to learn to savor the moment, savor my perfect circumstances that have all collided into creating who i am becoming--not accidentally, may i include. now, i'm definitely not saying that you have to stay stagnant and accept all situations that we put ourselves in and are put in. that would mean no progression, which would be ridiculous. all i am saying is that there needs to be a balance, and for me, a little more gratitude.

just a little food for thought


Alexandra said...

Love it! I should do that! great idea.


ps: a little latin love for you on my blog...

Amy said...

I also love it! Thanks for helping me to refocus on the important things!

austin said...

Excellent. And I don't know if you're a Pink Floyd fan, but the only time I've been to the Clark Planetarium was to see a trippy animated interpretation of Dark Side of the Moon. And it was superb.

MissKris said...

I love your post Brook. I'm so glad you're back to blogging. I need your thoughts on life in my life (It's nice to have someone else do all the effort in the thinking up of the thoughts :)
Love ya so much!

gaijindude said...

I had a similar experience as a young man at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. I also remember one of the song: Walking on the Moon by The Police. It was cool. It's amazing how man still manages to be so arrogant even as we discover more and more confirmations of more grandiose things on both space and microscopic levels. Whoah. I'm starting to sound like Brook. I wish!

Viviana said...

Brookie, "women who know who they are have influence that has no limit and no end" - Thanks for such powerful thoughts- I am glad you are back -

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

I learned a ton in the astronomy unit of Physical Science 100 last Winter. I didn't learn as many life lessons as you, though. Thanks for sharing! You bring up a great point.