i LOVE being sore!

so starting december, i worked out every day, and built up to a goal--5 miles in 35 minutes, which i finally reached on this last thurday! (not to brag, but i actually did it in 34 minutes)

so, when i got some girls together to start our field hockey club back up yesterday, i was surprised how tired i was, and needless to say--i couldn't get out of bed this morning. i played 2 hours of hockey, and then after that played about an hour of basketball (i started an intramural team, and we're pretty much the bomb! we have tye-dye shirts, and utah jazz jerseys--only because there are no warriors jerseys in utah)...but it sure does feel good to be sore (although walking to school was quite painful today--my bum is on fire!! and so is my back...and my left forearm....)!!

i really missed playing hockey, and it felt good to hit something really hard, push some girls around, score goals, and run around hunched over for two hours (okay maybe not that part!). i looked some field hockey pictures up from some college teams that recruited me, and i wonder what my life would have been like if i'd had gone to stanford, or duke. one thing's for sure, though, that i would have been way more ripped than i am now.

yay well i'm so stoked to play hockey weekly from now on, and also for our basketball team! we're looking promising, and hopefully we'll win some games (i get super competitive and it's bad news...). i love being in an organized sport! i'll let you know how we do...and team pictures will soon be up

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