sundance and celebrities

i had such a blast this weekend
it was my friend angela's birthday, so we went to go see 27 dresses. it was absolutely adorable, and is my new favorite chick flick. you HAVE to go see it (although i don't recommend taking a boyfriend/husband because when we went on opening night there were 2 men in the whole theatre).
we then threw angela a dance party which was a success! it was really fun and quite a few people came (although there was definitely room for more!). here's a pic of me dancing:

then on saturday, we went up to park city for the sundance film festival. it was so much fun to have girl time (even though it's been a bit excessive the last couple of weeks; testosterone is nice once in a while). we just shopped around, looked for celebrities, ate lunch, and had a nice day away from the bubble. our celebrity encounters included: jack black, danny glover, the ice queen from chronicles of narnia, among others.

on the way back, we got totally lost on the bus system, and were wandering around aimlessly while almost getting run over like a million times, freezing, and singing camp songs because all we could do is laugh. 
hope your weekends were just as good! it's the most fun i've had in a while...

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