dear life,

dear neighbors down stairs,
i know you're married, and you're way over the single life, but don't hate. we're going to let our boyfriends to laundry at our house, and we're gonna have people over until the honor code permits. lo siento.
also, thanks for using all of the hot water our little house can pump out.

dear today (sunday),
i'm pretty sure i thought i was finally totally fine, until you came along. you reminded me how sundays were last semester, and it kinda made me sad--i'm not gonna lie. that's okay, though. at least you made up for it by having the first the joseph smith manual lesson (so amazing), the first book of mormon lesson (gosh, Nephi's a stud!), and an answer to my prayers--the CES fireside.

dear gerber daisies,
you are God's gift to humanity

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Alex said...

dark chocolate, that is. lol.