hot chocolate

okay, so i absolutely love hot chocolate...

and i just wanted to share with you the most amazing hot chocolate EVER. it exists only in one place: borders (the bookstore). it's called the triple chocolate something and it is pretty much just amazing milk chocolate, with a dark chocolate stick they give you for stirring, whipped cream, and white chocolate sprinkled inside and on top. it's absolutely divine, and way cheaper than starbucks (which is also pretty dang good).

if you didn't want to travel somewhere for hot chocolate, my mom gave me the most wonderful things to put into hot chocolate (all of which are from crate and barrel--another favorite place).

item #1:
the mighty marshmallow.
pretty much self-explanatory (and on sale at crate a barrel!! go stock up!!)

item #2:
north poles. 
they are pretty much peppermint hot chocolate sticks that you stir your hot chocolate with (although i usually end up eating like 5 or 6 before one even gets near the hot chocolate).

item #3:
peppermint spoons.
sorry, i don't have a picture. they are pretty much just that, though. they're packaged all cute, and when your hot chocolate is long gone, you're still eating this delectable treat.



Alex said...

cute hot chocolate accessories! i had starbucks hot choc the other day here-- I love the milk/dairy here so it was really really good!

The Cotterell Family said...

I am now going to get on their website right now and order some. I gave Tay a hot chocolate maker from Back to Basics for Christmas and it has this froth feature. . .really really good and cheap. I think they sell them at Linens and Things for like $30. You put cold milk and the mix in and it heats it, froths it, etc. These treats would go great in it! Oh, and we stick marshmellow creme in the bottom of the cup before we put the hot chocolate in. Very good!

brook said...

i totally want one!! i may just go out and purchase one. i also have never even thought of putting marshmallow cream at the bottom of the cup. court, you're opening my eyes to new and wonderful things!!

Evaly said...

yum- I LOVE hot chocolate too!