dear organs,

dear appendix:
notice the colon as this is a business letter. thank you for your time, and now i am glad you are out of my body for the following reasons: the scale reflects a lovely number, my stomach no longer feels like it's on fire, and well really you're quite useless. it was great getting to know you.

dear colon,
my life-long friend. i am so glad you are still here with me. i don't know what i'll ever do without you, and please don't EVER threaten to leave me again. i'll do whatever to keep you happy- just don't leave me.
forever yours,
okay, now just an update on my long blogging absence (the short version):

my appendix burst (two mondays ago now), and i had to have emergency surgery. according to the doctors it "had done some good work in my abdomen." yikes! when they did my CT scan, they also saw that my colon was in pretty bad shape (and they also knew that my history included Crohn's), so they told me that they had to take out part of my colon for sure. i was pretty bummed, but of course knew that whatever had to happen had to happen. when i came out of surgery, only the appendix had to be removed, and i was blessed in a million ways. just to name a few: i had completely unexpected visitors that honestly made my day, i still had my colon, i had one of the best surgeons in the country, i had so many flowers, chocolates, balloons, and even a rocky mountain "apple pie caramel apple", my teachers were surprisingly lenient and extremely kind about my condition, and the list goes on an on. i had to be in the hospital until the saturday after (so a whole week almost) and have gotten better and better everyday since i've been home! it's really been fabulous and you have no idea how charmed my life really is. honestly, it's experiences like these that make me think that life is so wonderful. on tuesday, which was the hardest, someone was always there with me from 10am all the way until 2am, and i couldn't believe my friends! they are awesome, and i was grateful for them as my family wasn't able to come out to be with me. all in all, i feel totally blessed (and skinnier! haha) and that's pretty much the summary of my last two weeks. woo hoo...now off to bed. sorry i had pictures but my phone just crashed, so i'll load them when i have them back.....

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The Cotterell Family said...

Holy Cow Brook! I am glad that you are doing better and you got it all taken care of. Taylor's roommate had his burst too while we were at BYU. Very scary. Glad to hear you are back!