thoughts on love...

i absolutely love this song. i know i've mentioned it before, but since i've been finishing up one of my best friend's wedding videos, this has been playing in my house a lot. hope you love it as much as i do:

love is such a beautiful thing, and that one word by itself carries so much meaning behind it. why are people afraid to tell others that they love them? because they don't want to expose how much they really feel for someone. maybe they don't understand what exactly they are feeling themselves, and love--a broad word that can describe how you feel about a mom, a lover, a song, a food--isn't the right word for it.

i have been in love before, and it is wonderful. just like one girl says at the end of a lauryn hill song, being IN love with someone is different than loving them. you can love anybody, but being in love is another level. you can also fall OUT of love, but still keep love that person, because to deny the fact that you loved them at one point would be stupid. i think hatred, holding grudges, and making people feel bad about themselves are all a waste of life.

love is a blessing. you have to work on it just like you have to work on patience, keeping your room clean, etc. if you don't keep loving people, your ability to love will go away. 

i've been working on my friend's wedding slideshow like i mentioned earlier, and i love seeing their example of love. they've gone through a lot together, and i admire them for sticking it out. just because they love each other and are deciding to get married, it doesn't mean that they don't/didn't go through hard times; all it means is that they are willing to accept each other through all of their weaknesses. they are willing to work on being in love, and they made the decision to love each other. love is a choice.

i just honestly love seeing so many people in love! real love stories are much better than chick flicks.
if you wanna read a real-life entry on someone in love, read this. it's beautiful. (i hope you don't mind that i link to your post, season! you are just so eloquent, and it really made me tear up!)
love is wonderful.
so as a true lover of love, i say: love every opportunity possible.

there you go-- my random rantings on love.

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