what is my PROBLEM?

my roommate asked me the other day (jokingly) if i was pregnant because i am the most emotional person i have ever met. seriously. well here are some examples of my ridiculousness:

1. this woman at work was telling us her story about how her dad left her mom when she was really young. her mother raised 3 children on her own (one being mentally handicapped) for the rest of her life. her son became handicapped because he was beat up at an ATM when he was 17 years old. she still takes care of her handicapped son (showering him, taking him to the bathroom, feeding him, etc) at the age of 78. this same woman became married, and all of her sons left the church, have been divorced several times, and she just had a hard overall life.  i started balling at work while she was telling us this story, and i honestly felt like such an idiot.

2. i frequently cry when watching reality shows where people get kicked off. every time someone gets kicked off of america's best dance crew, or so you think you can dance i start balling.

3. this last thanksgiving, i got to spend time with a great family. we were all going around saying what we were grateful for (and believe me there were a lot of people there), and i was balling, even though i didn't even know the people or about their lives very much.

there are more stories, but they're equally as embarrassing, so i'll keep my public humiliation to a minimum. if you have ANY ideas how to stop my bad habit of being overly emotional, please let me know. thanks.


Mallory said...

You are not alone, my dear. I teared up when Josh won "So You Think You Can Dance", always cry during Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and anytime I am talking to a group of more than like 3 people that aren't my friends (doesn't matter what I am saying) my voice is shaking and I feel tears welling up. I won't even be emotional, I just can't stop it.

brook said...

hahah...we should start over-emotionals anonymous