current obsessions:

1. almonds. they're a great snack! especially those that go on salads cuz they're all cut up for you, and they come flavored sometimes. DELICIOUS!
3. i'll walk by bucky covington (i realize it's country. no i haven't been converted. i just like this song)
4. softlips chapstick
8. causes such as this, this, and this
9. "celebrating great lines"--meaning, if you find a good line (in a book, song, movie, etc.), hold on to it, celebrate it, and love it. my english teacher came up with that. i can't take the credit.
10. typing random things into google and seeing the images that pop up. it's pretty funny.

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Mallory said...

Brook I love your lists, you know a website you would enjoy? www.notcot.org. It is a TON of things this guy finds and just likes. Thank you for your excitement at me getting a blog!