dear olympians,

thank you for being so sweet and remembering your wife in your moment of glory. that is real love. i am sorry she couldn't be there with you.

i admire you to work through your amputation, and find another olympic sport that you could compete in at such a young age.

you are my field hockey hero. NICE WORK!

matthew mitcham,
you kicked China's booty and came out of nowhere. congrats.

u.s.a. women's soccer team,
i was so proud of you! you won in overtime, and just by 
one goal (if i remember correctly). way to give little soccer girls hope, and way to show serious perseverance!

coach mccutcheon,
i am sorry for your loss. it was a  very sad event, but i congratulate you for sticking with it and giving your team hope and going on to win the gold.

dear olympics in general,
thanks for bringing the world together. thanks for being an inspiration. thanks for allowing me to have NO sleep the last two weeks (written during the closing ceremonies).
until vancouver and then london,

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