two for tuesday...

okay so it's technically not tuesday anymore, but this is important. (also as a side note please don't forget to read my two latest posts. i personally think they're fabulous)

i usually try to stay out of political stuff, but as president monson said :
"as california goes so goes the nation and then the world"

there is a bill trying to be passed in california where state-wide "harvey milk day" is trying to be instated as a day of remembrance with commemorative activities and exercises. he was a very prominent gay figure, and this would filter into the schools. to vote no (and you don't have to be from california, or anything! you just have to have a phone), follow the following 15 second instructions:

1. dial 916.445.2841 to get to the governor's line
2. press 1 for english
3. press 2 to get to the poll to comment on legislation
4. press 1 to get to the queue to vote your opinion on AB 2567
5. press 2 to record a NO or veto vote

this seriously takes like 13.2 seconds.


Viviana said...

touchy subject. Glad you are getting involved.

austin said...

Thanks for letting me know!

martinb said...

And ... what's wrong with this "filtering into the schools"? Harvey Milk is an important historical figure. I was never taught about him in high school and I am frankly shocked that such important history was elided.