well this last weekend, we had a chance to go to the bombay house for a friend's farewell party.

the idea was that we'd cheer him up by being totally ridiculous, which my roomie allie is great at being. she's fun, she's sarcastic, and she's witty. 

anyway, after a couple of comments about walmart and speech impediments (around people who have no sense of humor, mind you) someone called allie ethnocentric.

*now, {allow me to interrupt} for a couple of facts about my good friend allie. she has been all over europe and is quite the little traveler. she loves people of other cultures, and has met/lived with a vast majority of people. she is FAR from ethnocentric and many other people at our table deserved that title more than she did.*

back to the story....she did not know what the word meant, as most don't (which as a side note if you google the word there are some pretty interesting pictures that come up), and was laughed at by some at the table saying that that somehow proved even more that she was ethnocentric.

reader's digest version: her feelings were hurt (as were theirs somehow), she left, and a fun activity quickly turned sour.

moral of the story
1. have a sense of humor. it doesn't make you a bad person if you can laugh sometimes. by you being offended by something silly, you can in turn offend others. just learn to laugh.
2. don't call someone something unless you're absolutely sure that describes them. even still, be careful...
3. bombay house isn't that great of food.
4. i just learned today that alabi is actually spelt alibi, which for some reason made me want to burst into "prince ali" from aladdin....

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David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Brook, I think the only reason I knew "Alibi" was 'alibi' and not 'alabi' is because I have seen Legally Blonde where the defendant needs an alibi. Actually, I don't think they ever spell it out, so that argument doesn't really hold. But, just as you think of Aladdin at the muttering of the word, I think of Legally Blonde. Hm.