things to be excited about:

1. 4th of dec: the tales of beedle the bard came out and i've loved every page of the little book.

2. 14th of april, 2009: i'm going to see BRITNEY SPEARS and the pussycat dolls are opening for her...

3. sometime in feb 2009: i'm going on a helicopter ride over the vegas strip!!!!

4. today: i filled up my tank at $1.41/gallon.

5. 19th of december: my ugly sweater party

6. daily: this amazing website that makes pictures look all old-fashioned for you (make sure you switch to english in the top right corner).

7. priceless: giving presents


Evaly said...

Okay, I love the invitation picture! What a fun idea for a party :) Why are going on a helicopter ride?

Jill said...

Britney rocked 2004!

brook said...

evaly- we get to go on a helicopter ride because we were the highest bidder at a service auction for sub for santa!! we are very excited!!

Mark said...

I checked out that website and it was really cool! Thanks!