i believe that America is completely mistaken when they named Chicago the windy city. clearly, those who dubbed the i'm-sure-somewhat-windy-city, well, "the windy city" had NEVER been to draper, utah.

anyone who knows me knows that i have never been one to really "watch my step" and have ran into many poles, tripped over many side walks, and crossed the street only to be honked at by an angry swerving car. this tendency to be horrifically ditsy when i walk is only worsened in severe weather. as of late, the weather here in utah has reached freezing temperatures only to have the street of nechatel dr covered by a foot of snow {when others only receive inches} and plenty of ice. this in combination with 30 mph winds make for a hilarious sight to others, and a very stressful walk to my car at the bottom of the hill for me.

not only have i been having walking trouble, but my poor california-loving vehicle has had trouble until recently when my parents so kindly donated some $$ towards my snow tire cause.

anyway, this morning, my mom asked me if i made it to the bottom of the hill okay. in response, i told her, "yes i made it fine....on my butt the whole way."

this. was. no. exaggeration.

someday, i'll be able to face my neighbors again. as for now, i'll icy-hot my bum.


Lalis said...


Ok... I think I'm done laughing...

Nope. That's just too funny.

You know you're laughing about it too.

Evaly said...

Ha- you poor thing! I wasn't coordinated enough for Utah either :)

Viviana said...

Brook! i am still laughing at a the answer you gave me that morning! I can so see you falling and going down the hill, since I have witnessed your lack of street walking coordination before. Poor thing is right.