23? WHAT??

well, i guess i'll work my way forwards from what you've all missed out on, because i know you all care so deeply....

turning 23 was a little depressing, but very fabulous.

let's start on why it's so depressing (i'm a firm believer in bad news first, good news second):
* i had someone tell me "you're 23 and not married! wow, you must feel really bad." that wasn't quite the pick-me-up i was looking for, but whatever. i actually didn't feel bad about not being married, until they said that.
* i had to work. lame, i know, because millions of people have worked on their birthday, BUT there were two people at the office that day, and one was me.
* nothing cool comes with turning 23. i can already smoke, drink, drive, date, get my own insurance, have a job, get a tattoo.

now on why it was so great:
* i had a tennis/golf themed combined birthday party with my roomies, and SO many great friends i haven't seen forever came, which meant the WORLD to me.
* i got to go home the weekend before and see my two bffs: mom and dad.
* my mom gave me the cutest presents ever (maybe in an effort to domesticate me?? haha...). and yes, she MADE the apron. very talented woman, she is.

here are pictures from the glorious event, and the gorge apron and silicone cupcake cups:


Alexandra said...

Love you. miss you.

kotter/brook pic is CLASSIC.

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

One thing you can do when you're 23 that you couldn't do before is rent a car in Greece! The age limit is only 23!! So head on over to Greece and make the most of your year.

thatonegirl said...

meh, marriage at a young age is overrated. love the theme and i lovah you! happy late birthday ex-roommie/lover!

Carissa & Jonathan Kougias said...

Hey you! 23 is not old! Only in Utah would you feel like this! Don't worry, according to the rest of the world you are too young to get married. (that's what I hear on the east coast all the time. ppl are always asking me how old I am when I tell them I'm married and I'm 24! Some lady said she thought I was 17. humph!)

brook said...

i guess i'm going to have to head over to greece, then. and you don't look lik eyou're 17, carissa!!