dear last two months,

dear life,

man, have you flown by, or what? so much has happened since the last post, and some highlights, in case you've forgotten, are:

*you turned 23
*no doubt concert
*lots of rain in june
*dinosaur museum
*an obsession with Real Salt Lake
*movie nights and laser tagging
*a quadrillion bug bites
*lots more things i can't remember....

but honestly, you've treated me beyond well recently. thanks, life.



David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Yea, you have been gone for awhile. I went looking in Blogosphere for you, but nothing turned up. I'm glad to see you alive, well, and that life is treating you kindly. You must be stoked for the Pioneer Day Rodeo.

Alexandra said...

Love you brookie. I have missed you too. Save some cacao for me.

Viviana said...

Brookie, you have to include some pictures here as well. No fun without them!! Remember your mother is not a FaceBrook person. Thanks for the memories and your constant energy. It was great to fly back with you. It would have been otherwise a "longer" trip.