walking in the spiderwebs

i remember the exact day my 10 year-old self heard what i like to call liquid luck. okay not really, but i just watched harry potter so that was on my mind. back on topic...when i heard the most lyrically gifted, most unique, and amazing sounds of gwen stefani and her no doubt crew, i was in love. i was just learning about the "so many different people" they strummed about. i was "in love" with a boy in my class that broke my heart and "don't speak" was my anthem. i couldn't WAIT until i was old enough to have my own cell phone and make "spiderwebs" my answering machine, and then when i turned 16 so i could sing "just a girl." my best friend's older brother introduced me to them (and a million other bands that have been my favorites at one time or another), and i've never looked back. in fact, i've even been gwen stefani for halloween because i love her (and no doubt) that much, and did "don't speak" for a talent show with my dad. yes, i am a SUPERFAN.

so, naturally, i've always wanted to go to one of their concerts, but i wasn't ever old enough, or they never came to the city i was residing in, or their band broke up (i cried when i heard. no joke). when i heard no doubt was coming to utah, i jumped at the opportunity to see my idols LIVE, and let me tell you--they did not disappoint. they played ALL of the classics, did an amazing encore, and we even sang happy birthday to kingston.

here are just some visual (gwen's close-ups taken by my friend allister) and audio snacks from the concert. enjoy them, as i am right now re-living the most amazing experience of my life (okay that may be an exaggeration, but it's pretty high up there). the only thing that could have made it better was to be with my best friend, carissa (it's my life is one of the videos..just for you!), and her brother.







Alexandra said...

Ok...UBER JEALOUS. Gwen is so rad.

Though you are radder, I think.

austin said...

Haha I love No Doubt. Except mostly just Tragic Kingdom, after that not so much. But yeah that sounds awesome, I am jealous.

thatonegirl said...

you are oh so cool
gwen and crew is amazing. glad you got the opportunity to see them live and i pretty much loved the videos

brook said...

ah i'm so glad i'm not the only fan out there.
<3 gwen and no doubt

Michelle said...

THIS CONCERT WAS AMAZING! I'm sooo glad we went. Gwen is the best.

matthew said...

glad to see i've made some kind of impact :). they'll always be one of my fav groups

Carissa & Jonathan Kougias said...

I finally watched the videos! I totally wish I were there too! Ahhh... no doubt in their prime...