psychological anatomy

"never grow a wishbone

where your backbone ought to be"

-cynthia paddleford

This has recently become what I live by. I find myself often wishing I had said something to someone to express the way I really felt. I find myself wishing that I had had the guts to go somewhere, to do something, and more importantly to give someone a chance. I have now decided to grow a backbone (although there's really no such thing--it's lots of bones that make up a back, but that's just a formality).
(picture taken of dearest hannah in ecuador)


David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

It's all about CONFIDENCE! The first time I tried to do a 360 on skis I got scared after spinning about 240 degrees, and I landed sideways, losing everything. Then I girded up my loins and tried it again, with full confidence. I landed it. Unfortunately, I have not been able to do it since. But, I aim to gain more confidence.

Michelle said...

K. Awesome quote. Remember "The Box" and how the creepy guy with the destroyed cheek does not have an anatomically correct mouth? Where is the masseter muscle? And the buccinator?

Viviana said...

I am with you. The problem is that you gave yourself the reason to your problem: "there's really no such thing --" And then comes my question; since when do you have a problem speaking up your mind? Going places? Doing what you want? If I wasn't your mother I could almost believe this blog -- Love the quote and yes, please give "someone" a chance.

Chris and Christina said...

oh anatomy. gotta love it :)

MissKris said...

Such a good thought.
And that picture is crazy! I think I need to grow a backbone too since my first thought was, I would do that... AFTER I saw someone else successfully do it :)