You are absolutely incredible. Thanks for being an example of virtue, integrity, honesty, beauty, love, for encouraging me in my ridiculous persuits, for taking me seriously when sometimes no one else does, for teaching me how to attempt to be crafty (you're way better than i am!!), for always teaching me to study, to read, to love to learn, to love the gospel, and to love others. Today, I am celebrating your life, as you have almost been taken from me one too many times. Love you tons. Happy bday.

Brookie Baby, Pumpkin, Sweetie (all names my mother affectionately calls me)

ps. picture line up: my mom sends me love notes via pictues, the second one is not my mother, but me with an amazing quilt she made me for my 21st!!, and the last clip is about the women in our lives. i loveeeee it.


Viviana said...

Thank you for being so generous in your comments. I am no different than any mother that loves their children. You are the one that makes my world turn in just about all directions!! I love you and even if I am taken away someday (which I will be) the love will continue beyond. Thanks for celebrating that I am getting older. Remember that some day you will have to remind me again who you are - ha ha. This is already happening as I hardly ever have a chance to be with you.

Michelle said...

Never noticed it before, but you look a LOT like your mom.

Alexandra said...

I seriously LOVE VIV. she is spectacular in SO many ways!!!

(remember we all still need to go to japan!)

besitos. ojala que tengas un buen dia y ano, viv!

Viviana said...

WE have to go to Japan and visit my brother-in-law. We can become squatters at his house!! ha ha.

Thanks for your well wishes.

MissKris said...

I wanna meet your mom one day.
She sounds incredible- from this and everything else you've ever told me.

And thank you for posting that movie. THat was so sweet and it was the perfect good night message for me to see! :)

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

I love your mom because she loves my blog. Does she call you 'Pumpkin' because of your red hair or because of your definitive triangle eyes?

Viviana said...

To make it clear I call her "pumpkin" because of the "light within" and I didn't want to call her Jack!! What do you think about calling her "Ginger"?