When you wake up...WAKE UP!

WARNING: this is journal-entry-like, and may or may not contain some bragging.

now that you've been sufficiently warned, i will continue.

the last two (and a half) ish weeks have been a complete explosion of magnificence and my face may just fall off from smiling way way way too much. sadly enough, i can't post a some of the awesomeness on this public forum, as i'm not sure i want everyone to know yet, but i'll share a minor snippet of the moments:

1. i saw imogen heap in concert. let me tell you, she's just as (if not more) brilliant in person. i will dedicate a whole future post to my love for her, so no worries about that.

2. RSL won the Eastern Conference Finals (in over-over-over-over time). No I am not a fair weather fan. I've, as a matter of fact, been a fan since May. I also may or may not be a jumbo tron (big screen) regular, making an appearance in the last 7 or 8 games. No big deal.

3. I went home and went through the temple. Absolutely gorgeous experience. Fun to be home with my parents, fun to eat fresh seafood on San Francisco, fun to have 70 degree weather in November (but not fun to go back to Utah and 30 degree weather), and fun to have a good excuse to take pictures.

4. Real Salt Lake won the MLS CUPPPPP!!!!!! (in over-over-over-over time...AGAIN). I have included pictures below to prove my undying and unconditional love for the team (and more specifically, Kyle Beckerman--not to be confused with the over-paid diva, David Beckham). My only beef is now that Utah has a somewhat successful professional team, everyone has jumped onto the band wagon, and those that have been fans for the whole season (through thick and thin) have to suffer for over-crowded lines for signatures, and over-priced tickets. I, however, never lost faith.

5. BYU WON!!!!!! (in over time) Go cougs!

6. I got an ulcer from all of the over-time winning games.

7. I found out that I passed my CHES exam, and will now be signing all important things
(including this blog) as "Brook, CHES." Okay, that's ridiculous, but I'm really excited about
having passed with flying colors (even IF I didn't beat my boss' score and my other boss has no idea what a CHES is).

Now, if you know where the title of this blog post comes from, i will give you a big treat (no seriously, i will!). that song has become my anthem, because although the last few weeks have been INCREDIBLE, they haven't been without hardship or trial (but who wants to revel in those??). These instances have in fact been my "tender mercies" and what has kept me smiling and going (besides you all, of course).

Well, i guess that's all for now.


Brook, CHES (just kidding. kind of.)


Alexandra said...

I LOVE YOU. you deserve to brag!!! you are amazing.

own the CHES, own it...

Viviana said...

Thanks for the reminder of the tender mercies. We get so caught up on the negative that we forget what a great life we have!
You are such a light in my life. I don't know if bragging is good, but why not? you have worked hard to get to your goals. Just don't do it every day...

Jill said...

I hope the big treat is a private concert with the Von Trapp Family Singers.

Carissa & Jonathan Kougias said...

I'm glad you are smiling! I better see you this Christmas; we're going to Cali!!

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

I'm sorry, I don't know what CHES is. Children's Health Education Staff? Chilly Horizons Ensuring Safety? Charismatic Hobos Enjoying Steak? My guesses could continue, but congratulations. RSL is awesome; way to go BYU.
I am pumped that you went through the Temple! That's awesome. I have never been to the Draper temple so I'll have to mosey on up there and do a session with you.
Is the song "Chop Suey" by System of a Down?
I went to CA over Thanksgiving and we were on the beach in 80 degree weather on Thanksgiving.

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Either that or "Up Up Away" by Kid Cudi.

660 TNRB said...


You are so amazing.

I'm glad you put up so many pictures- they're fun to look at :)


Michelle said...

It's totally on Sound of Music!! I know this because before I even read the challenge, the song was already stuck in my head! You are awesome for all of the above.

Can I make a request for my treat? Your delicious, "Brook famous", chocolate banana bread. Nice and warm.

Jules, James, & Ben said...

Brooke my goodness, congratulations, especially on the temple. I'm so excited for you! Although slightly upset you didn't CALL ME! That's okay, I'm sure it was a whirlwind trip, I'm glad you got to see your family. Miss you!

Megan said...

I'm glad you had such a magnificent first experience in the temple! It is great to have your family with you when you go through such a significant event.
I have no idea what CHES is and what you will be able to do with it, but good job achieving your goal.
Also, I wish we had gotten to know each other more freshman year. Just sayin'. I really enjoy your blog.

brook said...

thanks so much, guys!!!

jill and michelle are right on the money, and are deserving of a big treat. just you wait.....

and yes, dave, it means "charismatic hobos enjoying steak!" juuuust kidding. it means i'm a "certified health education specialist" and it's pretty much an optional (really over-priced) test to take to make me more legit in my field. woop!

and jules...sorry i didn't call! it was a crazy weekend!!

and carissa....i will see you christmas eve!!!! yay!!

eden said...

okay, so i'm a little behind in finding you and your blog. i'm also a little behind in naming the movie that your title comes from, but i watched sound of music just a couple of weeks ago. love it! (:

and congrats on passing the ches exam!