Free hugs!

so my dearest friend Brooke posted this tender little video...

and it reminded me of this angel that came into my life last week. i had a series of heartbreaking things happen all in a row, and had to fly home last-minute. i booked my flight a few hours before it departed, and proceeded to go to the salt lake city airport for my quick journey home.

after our flight had been delayed an hour, we finally boarded the plane (at this time it was about 10pm). no sooner than 30 minutes later, the flight attendants got on the announcer thing, and told us that our pilot had not read his emailing informing him that he had to fly our plane. he had already checked into his hotel for the night, and was under the influence, so we had to wait for another pilot that could come fly us. we had to de-board the plane and wait for our other pilot, whose flight ended up being delayed, and in the end we couldn't fly into san jose because of curfew rules.

i was completely disappointed and distraught and felt like i had failed in my mission of getting home.

all of these feelings washed over me like never before as i was all alone in the airport, and i just sat there and bawled like i hadn't in a long time. this adorable, jolly, tender woman spotted me, and i noticed her creeping closer and closer. she pretended like she was looking at a sign that was by me. then she sat a few chairs away from me, and next thing i knew, she was right next to me giving me the biggest most needed hug i have ever had in my whole entire life. she just hugged me and let me cry on her shoulder, and told me it would all be okay.

i have no idea what her name is, where she was from, or where she was going, but i know she was in the right place at the right time, but more importantly--she followed her instinct. guys! get out there and hug a stranger (not in a creepy way, of course)!

i love me a good hug, a tender back scratch, or even a little squeeze of the hand. we all need it sometimes, no matter how tough you may think someone is.

ps. don't worry--everything's okay now :)


Michelle said...

I love that lady who hugged you. What a cute story.

Colette said...

Oh my dear dear Brook. This post just about made me cry. You are a beautiful person in every possible way.
love you love you

Carissa Rasmussen said...

that's the absolute worst feeling in the world...to think you're going home and then to be denied.

taryn said...

I'm so glad there are angels in the world like that lady! And, I want to make a video like that. It made me happy.

Mallory said...

This story made me cry. So sweet and simply good. I'm loving this blog in my life again.

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Lalis said...


I'm glad you got that much needed hug!