speak louder than the words before you

"...and give them meaning
no one else has found
say everything you've always wanted
be not afraid of who you really are....
and i would give the world to you."

whilst chatting it up at the latest local hang out (yogurt stop--it's embarrassing how addicted i am), we were talking about which youtube vids we watch almost every day. well, this is mine.
it inspires me. it uplifts me. it makes me smile. and it gives me courage.
ps. is that a real dog in the video??? i've wondered that for all 8 months i've watched this vid. it's practically a horse!!


Viviana said...

The song is great, the dog... very scary!

David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

Yea, that's a real dog. I thought it was cute, not scary! So furry!

thatonegirl said...

once again you have found a song i have fallen in love with


love you more

eden said...

i love yogurt stop! and i've become completely addicted myself. speaking of which... i haven't been there for a couple of weeks. perhaps i should find myself there sometime today. (: