first thing i'll eat in the US

so we spend quite a bit of time here in india discussing the foods we miss the most. i'd even go as far as saying 97% of our non-project related discussions revolve around this topic....the other percentage of time is spent discussing our cool pictures we'll take (exhibit a)

but i digress.....

we've talked about...
1. which food is the first one we'll have the second we get off the plane
2. if you had to be on a deserted island with only one food for the rest of your life what would it be
3. which breakfast foods we miss the most
4. which fruits/veggies we miss the most
5. which things we can live without
and a number of other things...which leads me to my next point.

i'll tell you the things i miss the most:

1. CHEESE. you have no idea what a wonderful thing cheese is (or maybe you do!!). i certainly did when i was in the US but man i have never felt this way about cheese as i do now. what i'd kill for a slice of cheddar, havarti, goat, pepper jack, or fresh mozzarella ball.
2. avocados. 'nuff said.
3. hummus.
4. strawberries. blueberries. raspberries. blackberries. cherries.
5. a fresh, gigantic, amazing salad.
6. a nice piece of fluffy bread.
7. chocolate-covered cinnamon bears, and dark chocolate and sea salt covered almonds from trader joe's.
8. slurpees.
9. yogurtland (see previous post)

not sure why you need to know this about me, but please eat a giant block of cheese in my honor.
...but if you do, don't tell me about it, k?



Viviana said...

I am surprised scones did not make the list. I will eat one for you in the morning anyway. And, what about the mexican fix we have to have about twice a month? We, by the way, found a new Mexican little place... Hope you come home soon!! - love you

gaijindude said...

I've decided, everything is better with cheese. Ironically, I live in California with happy cows and plentiful cheese, but my cholesterol has made me turn to soy cheese to fill that need since I don't want to take cholesterol pills. You might be able to find soy cheese there. Go to your local Trader Joe's...

Mimi said...

Cheeeeese...For some reason I remember you loving cheese! Funny how your list includes pretty much all of my favorite foods. Glad you're surviving alright without them. Love the dress up picture!