shared human vulnerability

"'there is nothing so whole as a broken heart,' said rabbi mendel of kotzk, a hasidic sage. the world breaks our hearts open, and the openness makes us whole. engaged with a brokenhearted world, we cannot and should not expect to be 'cured' of grief, fear, and despair. rather, we learn how to become more comfortable with our shared human vulnerability. we learn the art and power of no protection--a spiritual power, not an egoic conquest won through armoring ourselves against pain, or against an enemy. to learn this alchemy, we must be willing to accept suffering and vulnerability as a normal part of life. because we are vulnerable, life hurts. we are not here to be free of pain. we are here to have our hearts broken by life, and to transform that pain into love."
-miriam greenspan

one of the most loving munchkins you will ever find, with a lot more pain in his life than i've ever experienced

i am unsure that i can add anything of value to this already-beautiful quote. however, i am repeating myself when i say that i am inspired daily by my interactions with people here in india. i hear personal stories of people on my team who have overcome great personal tragedy and yet always have a smile on their face. women come in droves to tell us about their traumas--migrating, losing husbands, losing children, physical ailments, HIV/AIDS, and yet because they are vulnerable, they are strong. and their strength, in turn, transforms itself into love. if we could all learn just a little bit more from those who surround us, whether they uplift us or if they degrade us, then we will be much happier in life.



Mj said...

God Bless your heart..You make a big difference in this world.Thank you so much for sharing your stories there in India...it's trully inspiring. God Bless our brothers & sisters in India.

Viviana said...

it is so true we become stronger through our sufferings. We just need to never become insensitive because we have suffered.