complete randomness

well, last year and this last summer i had a game that i used to play at church with some of my friends. we used to pick a random word (and let me tell you they were SO random) from anything like concentric circles, to bootstraps, to lamp shade, and orange creamcicle. anyways, we had to find a way to work it in to an answer that we would give in relief society (when i used to play with my roommate) or sunday school (when i played with my boyfriend at the time). it was so fun, kept me awake (or at least away from the solitaire on my phone), and made for interesting comments.  to be honest, i was terrible at it, and would always start cracking up before i even said my comment, but my friend was incredible at it. he talked about how we just need to "strap up our bootstraps and stick with the law of chastity" or how our "service ripples out just like concentric circles when a rock is dropped in a lake." is that even what concentric circles are?? haha....
anyway-i think i'm bringing it back (kinda like i'm bringing sexy back).
any good words for this sunday??

ps. this is a cool picture i took at a concert i went to on saturday!