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okay, so i love the new one-piece bathing suit styles that are coming out! they have a very retro feel to them, and don't make one-pieces seem so terrible! to be honest, i think two pieces are just more flattering on people (unless someone with a muffin top is wearing a string bikini). but here are a few of my favorites.... incase you were looking for a new suit!!

target also has a wonderful collection this year (i bought 4 new suits over christmas break. kind of excessive, i know, but i swim a lot during summers and hot tub a lot during winters!)
so this isn't a one-piece...but i am i love with the skirt bottoms. they're so cute! and they cover up just the right amount!! they also have a lot of cute mix and matching going on at nordstrom...a cute bottom like this could go with anything!!
such a cute print, cheap price, has support, and not a speedo. what more could you ask for??
this one comes in red polka dots as well. again, totally adorable!

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Nicole & Andrew said...

so even though i promised myself that i would wear one pieces, i totally agree with you that they aren't always as flattering on people. I look so retarded because they scrunch my torso together to look really small and then my legs just look freakishly large. it's actually much more proportional in a two piece. too bad. I really like that red one though.