dear vanessa,

carlton that is. thanks for having the most brilliant cd ever, at the most perfect timing ever. 

"there are people in this lifetime we should never meet
because to be here now without you well my life's so incomplete"

that's the story of my life. yet, i would never take anything back.
i most recently miss chats with my latest boy, and hanging out with his wonderful family.
i'd never take back my college best friends klys and emily, although i hardly talk to them anymore.
i miss julie merrill and robbie shattuck dearly.
i'm so glad that jessica wright was my best friend freshman year in high school.
and that jenifer doan and i giggled about our diaries and cute boys with bowl haircuts in 5th grade.
and that i got to meet beautiful, simple, loving, people with way harder lives than mine in the dominican republic.

but sometimes i miss them. all of them.

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