things i'm obsessed with

and you should be too.
no seriously.

okay this lipstick is like heaven.....i found it a sephora this christmas and i'm in love
and the names are fun too. for example, mine's called "skinny dipping" ha

i have one of these like every day....yummmmmmmm
organic, all natural, delicious, and comes in amazing flavors


The Cotterell Family said...

What's the brown cow thing? Yogurt? I have bad eyes and I swear, I feel like I'm getting so much older everyday. The only problem is that this type of thing isn't supposed to happen until I think you are um, 50?!

Evaly said...

I will have to check these out! Hope you are not too cold :)

Alex said...

Donde lo compras en Provo? Sounds delish!!

brook said...

oh alejandra! you can buy it at any whole foodsy store, or the only regular grocery store that carries it in provo is maceys.