President Hinckley

well, i just got news that he passed away, which makes me really sad, but i can't wait to get to know president Monson better! i'll bet he is very excited to be with his wife after so long. they were so adorable!
i loved him dearly, and i know that he was a prophet of God.
funny enough, the bishop challenged us today that if we have a blog to bear our testimonies on it, as we never know who will come across it. our Prophet's passing comes at a good time for me to do this. i know that God speaks to our prophets today, and that the Book of Mormon is made for us today. I also know that all of the truths that Joseph Smith restored are just that--truths. I love the gospel, and the peace and happiness that it brings.
if you ever have any questions about our church, click on this link.

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