dear utah,

(driving to draper for thanksgiving....soooo gorgeous)
(the provo temple in december)

my beloved home for the last 4 years,
i know when i first moved here, we didn't have the best relationship (actually, it could be described as hate-hate) but now i'm so glad we love each other! we've grown so close throughout my four years here, and someday when i move, i'll really miss you. i am in awe of your mountains daily as i walk to school, the snow is cold, but absolutely gorgeous, and it really isn't so bad here.
thank you for never giving up on me! 
california girl


Alex said...

I wish I had that kind of love for Utard...maybe someday, maybe not ever! lol

Nicole & Andrew said...

I never liked utah and now i DO miss it and would move back in a hearbeat. i know how you feel. partly i think it's because las vegas is really letting me down right now.