what protects our heart

here's my first post. i feel like such a sheep but i've been reading some awesome blogs lately...
well i've been listening to "breakable" by ingrid michaelson pretty much on repeat

"have you ever thought about what protects our hearts?
just a cage of rib bones....
so it's fairly simple to cut right through the mess
and stop the muscle that makes us confess
we're all just breakable girls and boys"

i just don't understand what people hold back so much. why are people so afraid to let others really get to know them? why do people have such a hard time opening up? because they're afraid of getting hurt...because they're "breakable" but honestly you wont ever be able to partake of the richness of anything or anyone if you don't just take a chance and let it all go. if you never try, you'll never know (from another favorite song, "fix you" by coldplay). yes, it makes you vulnerable to have someone else hold your thoughts and emotions, but it also makes life so much more wonderful. if they hurt you, then it's their fault, but you should just move on and give it another try with someone else. some day you'll look back with fondness at the relationship you had with your best friend, someone you dated, your parents, or whomever you trusted.

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