so much stuff to share, it's ridiculous!
1. the writer's strike is officially over, and everyone's back to work. this means my beloved show (the office) will be coming back on soon, and all will be well in the world. too bad it's too short of notice for them to crank one out for valentine's day.
2. the warriors are making me mad. breaking news? i think not. everyone knows how terribly they've been doing lately, but all i can hope for is a win against the utah jazz, and that they can stick to their 8th position to go to the playoffs. just as a side note- i was converted into a jazz fan recently by a) living in utah and b) dating a utahn for a little bit and c) they're kicking butt lately, BUTTTTT when they play the warriors, my heart belongs to my one true and lasting love, the man i will never have to break up with, the AND-1 role model, someone i will never get bored of, the one and only--monta ellis.

3. these pictures are hilarious. drawn by patrick moberg:

4. this post is really long.
5. it's almost valentine's day! and even though i am nowhere near having one (besides my geology book), i just love seeing other people be in love!! (although today in the wilk, i was an unfortunate bystander and witness of 3--yes, count it, 3 break ups! where is the love, people???)


Alex said...


And the writer's should totally whip out a Pam-and-Jim Valentine's spectacular episode. Because it's all about vicarious Valentine's livin'!!

Nomad No More said...

You witnessed three break ups?!? Wow, that's sad! :(