a real time-waster...

i found this wonderful purse blog and it has been a great procrastination device as i have some school projects due on monday. seriously, they have some great purses (although having two purse racks in my room probably constitutes as enough purses for a civilian like myself; now if i were a celebrity on the other hand....)
for those with kids, there are even adorable diaper bags that are listed! someday when i get to that stage in life (namely, when i finally learn how to saran wrap correctly, cook deliciously, and not gag with body fluids or noises), if something cuter hasn't been invented, i'd go for the burberry denim bag. 
anyway, enjoy!! 

ps. here is a picture i took of the snow the other day....
we really all are as unique as each snowflake is unique!! sooo cheesy

pps. i love the original version of this song, but i have recently become a big fan of kina grannis who does a lovely rendition:

ppss. am i the only one who didn't know that angela from the office is pregnant??? ohhh...how i miss that show