dear not so smart,

dear brook,
i haven't had too much activity for about 3 weeks now and i feel like it's starting to show. please get to the gym ASAP so i can go back to making the awesome progress i was making before the whole appendix problem.
your best asset,
you bum

dear brook,
i also have not had enough activity, and am starting to worry about your up and coming geology and history of creativity midterms. please get to the library- and i don't mean for getting asked out on dates, socializing, or hide-and-seek purposes.
ready to work,
your brain

dear brook,
i wish you would stop doing things that pull at me. i understand you're stubborn, but i'm just trying to save you some tears.
hoping you'll remember me,
your heart strings

dear brook,
thanks so much for wearing a skirt today. i need all the sunshine i can get before i'll even step near a swimsuit. i feel like your bum feels reluctant towards swimsuits as well (see above post). good luck.
hoping you'll expose me more,
your legs

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Alex said...

I'm convinced the world would be a better place if women penned an occasional letter to their body parts.

rock on hermana,