dear perfect man,

dear somewhere out there,
i am a total sap, and someday when we meet, hopefully you wont mind that. cheesy inside-joke nicknames will always be welcome (just not the dumb ones like honey and babe) along with lots of cuddling. date nights are a must, and you HAVE to be spiritual. i've always imagined you to be some sort of mix between the following people: jim from the office because he's dripping in wittiness, benny from the sandbox (okay, he was just a childhood crush, and hopefully you wont be 8...), jack from while you were sleeping, and moroni (personality wise, of course. looks are a whole different story). 

to be totally honest, though, i hope you're not perfect. i kind of like the "rough around the edges" type of guy- it's really refreshing and totally cute when you're not smooth and totally clueless, as long as you try. 

as for now, i'll fill my sappiness canteen through watching movies (enchanted and dan in real life being some of my most recent favorites). i'm not ready for you yet, anyways. i have so much to do! first i'm going to go to underdeveloped countries that are suffering from not enough love (or vaccines, or education). i love being single for now- dancing, hanging out with friends, you know the works.

excited to meet you someday,

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Alex said...

Aww, I love and miss your sappiness!

besos xoxo