dear people in my focus groups,

dear tanners and non-tanners alike,

you are HILARIOUS and have made for many random giggles throughout the last week of my life.
no, tanning does not give you vitamin E or K.
no, tanning does not give you breast cancer.
no, skin cancer does not happen because of the over-excitement of molecules and cells.
and yes, please DO "bore" me with your abounding knowledge of what tanning does to you. i'm really interested in your theories...and maybe i could submit your knowledge to America's Funniest Home Videos?

thankfully yours,


Jill said...

um, I am sensing that you are making fun of us! I just cannot understand. Do you think if I started tanning it would affect my willingness to do almost anything for "free pizza?"
I'm sure I said some dumb things, but hopefully it was after the video camera quit so you have no proof.

Alex said...

all I can say is...

SPF 5000 for life! lol

brook said...

haha...don't worry jill your comments were definitely on the intelligent end. it was the girl sitting next to you that was the most entertaining.....

and alejandra. SPF 5000 FOR LIFE!!!