: the box, the tube, a lovely thing that i miss dearly but thank goodness for the internet...i can watch everything without commercials and on my own time

so like all of us, i have my favorite shows.

1. AI is so rad! here's one of my favorite performances, from one of my favorite performers. not only does she have an awesome name, she's gorgeous, SO positive!! (i like happy people), and well i just like her. what are your favorite pics? just out of curiosity...

2. the hills. i'm not gonna lie--i just LOVE drama (more so when it's not my own, although stirring the pot's always fun)

3. these two just make me laugh without fail.

4. the office!! it's coming back in about three weeks!!!!!!

5. basketball games (not so much march madness. i heart the NBA). my friend recently told me about the greatest website (linked to "basktball games") of all time that has saved my cable-less life. 

6. now, this isn't a "show" but i watch it almost everyday and is one of the best dance scenes i've seen in a loooonnnggg time, and we all know how much i like dancing. enjoy:

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