spring=new clothes (or pulling old ones out of the closet!!)

i'm so excited for all of this warmth! so much that i've been searching online for new cute spring clothes, and decided two things: 
1. i LOVE eyelet
2. yellow is a FABULOUS spring color

from BCBGirls:
from sephora:

from nordstrom:
from j.crew

from nordstrom:

from nordstrom (and it's chiffon! a personal favorite..):


Season Cotterell said...

I agree yellow is my favorite!

The Cotterell Family said...

I read your blog after I bought my shirt but great minds think alike. Go to Downeast Outfitters (they actually have a store at the mall in Sandy) and that is where you will find it. It also comes in white. We could be twins and I would be flattered! ;)

brook said...

i went to the down east store in provo, and wanted to buy everything there! ...until i tried them on. nothing fit right!!! i wish we could be twins :(