why i've always loved tuesdays:

ever since i was really young, tuesdays have been my favorite days of the week. 

in my younger days tuesdays meant piano lessons, voice lessons, jazz and tap (as opposed to wednesdays which were ballet--YUCK!).

as i got older, tuesdays meant no class, or the easier loads

in college, tuesdays meant devotional--a good mid-week "energy boost" of spirituality

last semester, tuesdays i would walk to school with my really good friend, take 2.5 hour-long naps between class, and date night

tuesday means half off at the dollar theatre (do the math. that's 50 cents for a movie!!), cheaper tacos at del taco, and other amazing deals i can't think of right now.

this semester, tuesday means: hip hop class with the finest ladies in p-town (ally if you read this, you're gonna start coming. i'm forcing you), no classes, sleeping in, and new episodes of rob & big

totally random post? probably. but i just wanted to express my appreciation for the very underrated tuesday. i mean honestly, why should the weekend get all of the credit when tuesday rocks too?

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