dear BLAST from the past,

dear cherish,
who knew you'd bring back so many memories?? all i remember is bouncing around in my undies singing to my then-crushes' pictures in the yearbook. sure, that may sound kind of creepy, but it was the thing to do, and i was never good at resisting peer pressure. you make me giddier than any other song i've ever listened to (besides maria's "always be my baby"). i have memories of singing with my cousin and BFFs at the time to you, and i LOVE cherish those memories. i loved you, almost as much as i loved ____ and ____.......
reminiscing of the good ol' crushing days,
baby brook
okay, when you popped up right after cherish, i was a little creeped out, since you reminded me of one of my old boyfriends. i just had to pull my scrapbook out and look at those pictures from our many adventures senior year in high school. you were the soundtrack to that relationship. "obvious", you accompanied us to the beach, to several concerts, and anywhere else we felt like exploring... 
still love the song,
well, i guess since i was already remembering some of my old loves, why not pop right up, right? were you feeling left out? well thank you for another trip down memory lane. you will forever remind me of summer of '07, which has been one of the best ever (but honestly, who has ever had a bad summer?)
still love this song too,

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