bored on friday night...

1. put your music on shuffle--this could be funny...i have 6,793 songs on my iTunes
2. press forward for each question--no cheating!
3. use the song title for your answer

what does next year have in store for me?
everything, ben harper

what does your love life look like?
runaway, mae (haha)

what do i say when life gets hard?
top of the world, juliana theory

what do i think of when i get up in the morning?
always and never, coheed and cambria (this one doesn't really work...oh well)

what song will i dance to on my wedding?
spin around, josie and the pussycats (please no!)

what do i want as a career?
dance studio, t-pain

your favorite saying?
you're never fully dressed without a smile, annie the musical

favorite place?
our love is here to stay, natalie cole

where would you go on a first date?
safe inside, EFY 2000

drug of choice?
storms in africa, enya

describe yourself:
better off alone, alice deejay (HAHAHAHA--this is totally false)

how will i die?
an old-fashioned christmas, the carpenters

song played at my funeral:
breakable, ingrid michaelson (the inspiration for my blog!)

1 comment:

Alex said...

i love the "everything" "never fully dressed" and "DANCE STUDIO"???!!! what?? your shuffle was psychic!