dear miss ADD,
first of all, i'm pretty sure you have adult-onset ADD. i don't ever remember you being this bad when you were younger. who knows, maybe your parents will beg to differ. second of all, i KNOW you don't want to finish all the billions (okay maybe an exaggeration) of projects you have to do before next wednesday (the last day of finals), but you just have to. you really do not need a "facebook.com" break every hour, or a gchat break, or a blogging break, or a cleaning break, or a "photo booth" break....just get it done and then you can play. i know your head feels like it's spinning. it is. just deal with it.
good luck in the next week.
love always and forever with all of my heart (imagine a gchat heart here...haha),

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Logg said...

I disagree. Everyone deserves a good blogging break for each and every hour of work. Now I just wish people would update their blogs every hour.