kina grannis!

i've posted one of her videos on here before but honestly i just love her! she won some super bowl thing so she should be releasing some sort of cd soon. until then, i check her youtube thing like once a month and become obsessed with songs. my newest love is called "heart and mind." man i wish i could come up with lyrics like that. oh and play the guitar. oh and sing. that'd be nice. what i CAN do is make up a silly modern dance to this song, and perform it for myself in my large room when my roommates aren't home....

here's the song. it's quite lovely.
i love this part: 
"always felt i was protecting my heart and mind, but it seems like to really feel alive, i can not hide my heart and mind..." 
SO TRUE! who cares if you've been hurt before, just the freak do it! (like little miss megan allen would say). i don't know how you can really get anything out of life without putting 100% into every friendship, situation, etc.
okay, here's the song for reals this time:

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