resume of myself

if only that person really knew you...this clip will put this all into context: 

so while you were sleeping is definitely my all-time favorite movie (little known fact) and i could pretty much recite the whole movie line by line. since the first time i watched it, i felt a certain connection with it for the following reasons:

1. i am an only child, and so is she. hopefully i wont end up being a totally lonely cat lady, but who knows haha
2. we are both in love with the same man--jack (who is almost as awesome as jim from the office--did anyone watch last week's episode and LOVEEEE it????? i did!)
3. i am a total sap, and this is one of the sappiest movies of all time.
4. (saved the best for last) i can watch the clip of the newspaper kid falling on his bicycle for hours

honestly, though i definitely agree with sandra that if only some people REALLY knew and understood me, they'd dump the perfect models they're with and would run away with me into the sunset forever. this being the case, i decided to make a resume of myself. now this resume is definitely not work related, but does have some of my qualifications:

brook d
(408) you-wish
-a team player
-on time
-can move her body like a cyclone, shake her tail feather, shawty get loose, drop it like it's hot, etc
-detail oriented
-loves to bake!!
-is usually clean
-takes short showers, and can get ready fairly quickly if required to
-will give you sole possession of the remote control as long as you give quality cuddle time
-speaks spanish
-is very spiritual
-is pretty easy to please (flowers, chocolate, and cuddling is all i ask)

school of love projected graduation date: when i feel like it!
bachelors of science in communication and MFHD 

work experience:   
every relationship
isn't that how it should be?

volunteer experience:
every relationship
developed some great research strategies on how to become a better girlfriend, and to
figure out what i want. also created and implemented a plan on how to help out
people with: hungry stomachs, needing rides, cheesy-phobias, commitment
issues, and numerous other tasks.

skills: i've got moves you've never seen.

references available upon request (although that could pose a slightly awkward situation)


Photography by Evaly said...

Don't worry- you never be TOTALLY alone- you always have us! :) I love that movie too!

brook said...

haha...thanks evaly! i knew i could always count on you.