dear 23rd year (or 22 years of age),

dear newest age,
i was told before turning 22 that i would feel more responsibility, wiser, and more healthy as this is the prime of my life, among other things. well none of those things are really coming to pass, and in fact i feel less if anything. they always tell us in academic settings that we have to back up what we're saying with examples so here it goes:

1. responsibility:
well i did a very irrational and irresponsible thing the day before mothers day (well technically it was already mother's day). boredom is a frequent problem here in provo, utah, and so we decided to go water-ballooning from the roof of condo row. needless to say, we hit some unhappy campers, got the cops called on us, and al 7 of us now have a court date. not the most responsible thing to do a mere 2 days after turning 22.

2. wiser:
well i thought i was wise at 21, but the older i get, the less i feel i know. no experiences. just fact.

3. healthier:
honestly, i am a pretty healthy person, averaging a trip to the gym about 4 times a week. the things that make me feel unhealthy are when i am terrible at intramurals, and that makes me no necessarily unhealthy, but more like incapable. in our softball game on tuesday, i completely forgot to run, and got tagged out. i also missed a pop fly by like a foot. we did, however, make up for our loss of 21-5 by beating the same team we lost to 16-10. it was sweet revenge. go team cyclone!

4. also:
WARNING random rantings of a 22-year-old-phlebotomist follow:
i think it's hilarious when big hunky football players come in and are terrified of getting their blood drawn. i often find that mothers are far braver than any college-aged men. it's just a needle. and it's just red liquid. neither are that big of a deal. also, if you, the blog reader, ever go to get your blood drawn, do not move your arm last minute, or kick the phlebotomist as it usually causes grave danger to yourself and the phlebotomist. thanks.

well that about concludes my sermon today. thanks.
just remember, be responsible.

lovingly, and excited for whatever else is to come this 23rd year,


Photography by Evaly said...

Bummer- good luck in court. I love that you forgot to run- I would totally do that too :)

Stephanie C. said...

Hahaha. That's awesome you have a court date. What a story to share to the grandchildren, huh? I wish I had the kahones to do something like that. Bravo, friend.

Amy said...

Dear Phoxy Phlebotomist,

I love your blog. I am so glad we are blog buddies. And whoever told you all those things came with age lied...I am progressively becoming more immature.

the Pseudo-Hispanic

*Priscilla* said...

Brook! I am so glad that you found my blog! I didn't know you had one also so I agree, we should be blogger buddies. Hope the court stuff goes all right!