dear people we can't live without,

dear buff dude at gym,
hey there. i know you can't see me because you're too busy staring at yourself in the mirror, but have you noticed cut off shirts are not cool anymore? we all know your muscles are huge due to the amount of weight you're benching (is that 8 disc weight thingies on each side?); you don't have to show your muscles off with a nasty shirt. thanks.
not-buff girl at gym

dear really loudly singing concert-goer,
um, hi. you're really buggin' right about now. i came to the *insert band name here* concert because i wanted to hear THEM not YOU. now i understand singing along is essential as i do it as well. just try not to scream, and get the words right if you're gonna sing. oh and also stop flinging your sweat on me. thanks.
disgustedly annoyed,

dear over-dramatic drama queen (queen in this case is unisex),
i have several things to say to you. first of all, we know you love drama, and so do we (why do you think we watch "the hills" or "survivor" or "american idol" for that matter), but it gets old--real fast. you'd probably get more attention if you weren't so dramatic because after a while i (and everyone else) just want to ignore you. oh and another thing. after a while we don't know what is fact and what is fiction. not the best thing to have happen to you because then when something really bad happens in REAL LIFE we wont care and wont believe you. don't cry wolf.
just trying to help you out,


Amy said...

dear Brookin,

I love your posts. Hopefully one day those letters will get to their intended targets...however, if you're trying to tell me something you are going to have to be WAY more direct.

The non-buff, non-singing, highly under-dramatic Pseudo-Hispanic

Stephanie C. said...

I have a drama"queen" in my life too. So annoying.