dear life,

dear plans,
i'm so glad you have now made your way into my life.  i hated the uncertainty that was awaiting me after my graduation, but now i am all planned away until february. as a side note, though, i know i have had so many plans throughout my life where i was very comfortable and certain they were going to happen (new zealand, south africa, having dietetics as a major, etc), and as usual someone else has another plan for me. therefore, these plans are as far as i know, unless something else totally drastic happens.

first are my spring and summer plans. in the near future are: a trip to california, havasupai, hopefully the grand canyon, vegas, the provo river, lots of hiking, and other fabulous adventures.

second--in august i plan on graduating. WHAT???!?!! totally weird, but it's about stinking time.

third, working in an orphanage in the sacred valley in peru. i'll be about 1 hr away from machu picchu which is totally rad!! there will be about 40 kids under my care (along with some full-time care-takers). i'll be living with them, and taking them to school, helping them learn english, hygiene, etc. this will take place sometime between septemberish and a day or two after christmas.

fourth, i'll be heading down to CHILE for the new year (and probably make it a 3 week stay). i can't wait. valparaiso has a "new year by the sea" celebration that has the biggest fireworks show in south america, and the biggest celebration in the world (don't believe me? look it up on the internet...) i'll be able to spend time with my cousins and grandparents (and maybe k hard!!) and it'll be just fabulous since i miss them LIKE MAD. 

what this means? 
1. i will have two summers (the one in provo, then the peru-chile one)
2. i will have an amazing experience learning from the orphans in peru
3. i will finally be doing what i want to do
4. i will see my chilean family for the first time in about 9 years
5. i will not want to come back to the drab place that the united states is, but alas i will have to
6. i will be updating this blog weekly. no worries.
7. i will make you all terribly jealous
8. i am full of uncertainty for the year of 2009.

lovingly and totalmente emocionada,


Stephanie C. said...

Dude I'm already jealous. Is that Peru/orphanage trip w/ sis. Mabbott? That will be a totally awesome experience. You'll have a slammin' resume when you come back to the US.

Photography by Evaly said...

Sounds like some exciting plans. You are so fun!

brook said...

yes! it is with sister mabbott..i am so excited about it!!

Alex said...

love you girl- alejandra