may 8th

it was such a lovely birthday, and i loved every minute of it. to be honest, the day of was quite overwhelming as i thought about all of the things that are going to come in just this next year of my life.  i started to think about how couldn't really bear to be irresponsible anymore, how i'd be graduating, how i'd be off of my parents health insurance soon, how i need to start loving people more (thoughts stirred by readings on jews and the terrible acts committed on them), and how terrible humans can be to others (stirred by having deep talks on history and king henry the 8th with megan allen).

anyway, after all of those quite overwhelming thoughts, several plates of cupcakes were brought over (my favorites!) including a boston cream cupcake, coconut chocolate and strawberry chocolate cupcakes, and chocolate chocolate cupcakes. WOAH! this of course took my mind off of my depressing thoughts and it quickly became one of my favorite birthdays ever. the cupcakes were soon followed by an incredibles pez machine, gorgeous flowers, and FRUIT!!

the day of my birthday ended quite wonderfully, and i thought the festivities were over, when i walked into a surprise birthday party for me friday night!! i had no idea it was coming, and i loved every minute of it!! here are some pictures from last night. enjoy!


Christy said...

Hey Brook! Thanks for sharing your birthday with our son! (don't know if you knew, but Lorinda promptly reminded us it was your birthday on the day we had him.)
P.S. I don't know if you ever check Mark's blog, but he just added me to it... that's why you've never heard from me before!

brook said...

christy!! i am so glad you are blogging! we can now keep in touch! and i can see pictures of your bundle of joy.