dear dad,

since today's father's day, i thought i'd write you a little tribute.
thanks for always giving the best advice (especially on the male species)  and for being a good listener.
you're the greatest.
i love how you can never take a normal picture (maybe that's where i get it from?), that you stop breathing when you laugh really hard, that you have such an eclectic taste in music, that you relentlessly tried to teach me to love sports and gardening (more like picking up the rotten fruit and rotor-tilling!!) though all the tears and screaming (literally....) and it finally sunk in, that you're always trying to see the other person's point of view, that you love mom, and that overall you're a great dad.
happy father's day.
daddy's not-so-little girl


Alex said...

Oh don't forget his 'ability' to pass out at the sight of blood!!
Gotta love the T.D.D.Dorff!

Brady and Taryn said...

Tag! You're it. Check my blog sucka! ps I am so bummed that we aren't going to be here this weekend for Strawberry days because we're going camping :( We went to it 2 yrs ago when we were dating and the strawberries and cream are THE best!!

Martha said...

dear brook,
you look babe-alicious in that first pic. the end.

Aki said...

I happened to find your blog.
This is Aki.(Japan)
I hope you still recognize me.
I cannot send mails on this blog, so I did to your dad's address.

Write me back, when you have time.